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Curriculum Vitae


2019                                Ph.D in  Interdisciplinary Humanities, Track: Cultural Anthropology and History

                                         University of California, Merced

2008                                B.A. in Political Science and Ethnic Studies                                           

                                         University of California, Berkeley



political/urban anthropology, subnational politics/institutions, urban geography & poverty, California Studies, history of Oakland, CA., the Central Valley, state-formation, ethnographic methodologies & the Digital Humanities


2020       History 17: 20th Century America  (Summer 2020) 

                Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 101: Race in the Media (Summer 2020)

                Anthropology 170: Ethnographic Methods  (Spring 2020)

                Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 119: Race & the City (Spring 2020)

                Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 122: Comparative Immigrations  (Spring 2020)

2019       Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 101: Race in the Media (Fall 2019)

                Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 122: Comparative Immigrations Fall 2019)

2018       History 17: 20th Century America (Summer 2018)

                Anthropology 1: Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology (Summer 2018)

                Urban History 108: The Great American City (Spring 2018) 

2017       Anthropology 1: Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology (Summer 2017)



“Doubling Down on ‘Downtown’ in Fresno, CA.” 

Anthropology News. American Anthropological Association, July 6, 2018

“Fresno, CA’s New Downtown: Visualizing Policy through Anthropology”

The Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, Harvard University Press Vol. 30 (2018)

"Intersecting Race, Space, and Place through Community Gardens"

Co-Authored with Emily Hite, Dr. Qasimah Boston and Dalila D’Ingeo.  

Annals of Anthropological Practice, Wiley. 2017, 2(41): 55-66

“Water, Space and Placemaking: Futurecasting in Fresno, CA”

Winter 2017 Issue, Boom: A Journal of California, University of California Press

"Change and Memory on the Fresno Fulton Mall" 

Streetnotes, Fall 2016 Special Issue: "Public Space: Between Spectacle and Resistance", Vol. 25 

“A Changing ‘Patriotism’. Book Review:  Exhibiting Patriotism by Theresa Bergman.”             

Current Anthropology, University of Chicago Press 2014 (5)33: 359-360

Other Academic Writing

2017 “Money, Debt and Shame: Financing Our Humanist Futures”

University of California Humanities  Research Initiative (UCHRI) Humanists@Work  Blog


2016 “Oakland’s Changing Narrative”

“The Oakland School of Urbanism” Blog, UCHRI-funded UC Research Group


2015 "Troubadours and the Production of Early Chicano Literature"

University of California,  Merced Center for the Humanities Blog

2015 "Early Modern England's Social Bag of Tricks"

University of California,  Merced Center for the Humanities Blog



2018-2019   Fellowship, University of California President’s Dissertation Year Award

2017-2018   Fellowship, University of California President’s Dissertation Year Award [Declined]

2016              Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Honorable Mention

2015-2016    University of California Humanities Network Research Group,“The ‘Oakland School’ of Urbanism” - $500

2015-2016    Graduate Fellow, Center for the Humanities at UC Merced- $21,000  

2015              UC Merced USAP Summer Funding - $3800                                                       

2014              UC Merced USAP Summer Funding - $4000                                                       

2013              UC Merced USAP Summer Funding - $7800                                                        

2006              Fellowship, Public Policy (PPIA) Junior Summer Institute, Carnegie Mellon University                                    


Invited Talks​

2017      “Political & Economic Organizations”  Anthropology 5: Applied Anthropology

                California State University, Fresno - Invited by Dr. Michael Essinger

2016      “Remembering Downtown: Placemaking and Memory on Fresno’s Fulton Mall”       

                2016 Whitsett Graduate History Seminar at CSU Northridge- Northridge, CA


Guest Lectures

2017          “Urban Space and Citizenship” Anthropology 190: The Anthropology of Citizenship

                    University of California, Merced  Invited by Dr. Anneeth Kaur Hundle


2016           “California, Chaos and Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower”                                                  

                     English 112: California Literature, University of California, Merced

                     Invited by Dr. Jan Goggans


2015            “The Revitalization of the Fresno Fulton Mall”                                                                 

                      History 112: The Other California, University of California, Merced

                      Invited by Dr. Michael Essinger


2015           “Research in Urban Anthropology”                

                     Anthropology 190: Urban Anthropology, University of California, Merced

                     Invited by Dr. Anneeth Kaur Hundle

2014            “Oakland, Urban Space and Robert Self’s American Babylon”                     

                      History 107: The American City, University of California, Merced

                      Invited by Dr. David Torres-Rouff


Conference Presentations


(Accepted, Conference Cancelled)

"Space and Power: Water Policy as Placemaking in California's Central Valley"

2020 American Ethnological Society and Association for Political and Legal Anthropology - Austin, TX



(Accepted) “Tech Won’t Save Us”: Negotiating Precarity in the Workplace”

Co-Authored with Zyed Ismailjee (Cognitive & Behavioral Science, UC Merced)

2018 UC Merced Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Conference - Merced, CA


“Water, Space and Power: Placemaking in California’s Central Valley”

2017 American Anthropology Association  Poster session presenter - Washington, D.C.

“Water, Space and Power: Placemaking in California’s Central Valley”

2017 Society for Applied Anthropology, Poster session presenter - Santa Fe, NM


"Space and Power: Water Policy as Placemaking in California's Central Valley"                        

2015-2016 Center for the Humanities Seminar Series, UC Merced


“Intersecting Race, Space and Place through Community Gardens” Co-Authored with Emily Hite, Kia Fuller and Dalia D’Ingeo  2016 Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Conference – Vancouver, B.C.


“Street Protest: Space, Memory and the Built Environment in 21st Century Oakland, CA”  

2015 American Association of Anthropology - Denver, CO

“The Hills to the Flatlands: Freeways, Cars and 20th Century Power in Oakland, CA”                    

2015 Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference - Miami, FL


“Streets as Sites of Power: An Anthropology of Urban Infrastructure in Oakland, CA”                     

2015 Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Conference - Pittsburgh, PA



“Changing Urban Memory: Placemaking at the Mall”                        

2014 American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting - Washington, D.C.


“Saving this Place: Change on the Fresno Fulton Mall”                                  

2014 Southwest Regional Anthropology Association Annual Meeting - Anaheim, CA            



2017      Graduate Writing Tutor, University of California,  Merced  Graduate Division

2016      Presenter, University of California, Merced 2016 Research Week

2015      Ethnographic Field School (funded by National Science Foundation)

               with Dr. Lance Gravlee, Dr. Sarah Szurek (University of Florida, Gainesville) and Dr. Krista Harper (University of                Massachusetts, Amherst)- Tallahassee, FL     

2015      Presenter, University of California, Merced 2015 Research Week  

2014      Community  Research Workshop (CCREC), University of California, Santa Cruz

2014      Presenter, University of California, Merced 2014 Research Week

2014      Graduate Student Coordinator, Merced Youth Fund Research Project

Teaching Assistantships

2017              History 117: California History Practicum with Dr. David Torres-Rouff

2014              History 17: 20th Century America with Dr. Brandon Wolf-Hunnicutt

2013, 2016   Anthropology 1: Introduction to Socio-Cultural Anthropology with Dr. Robin Maria DeLugan

2013              Political Science 106: Urban Politics with Dr. Jessica Trounstine

2012              Political Science 3: Comparative Politics with Dr. Jon Carlson                                           


2018-2019   Policy Analyst, Merced Division of the University of California's Academic Senate

2016-2017    Vehicle Test Assistant, Google X Self-Driving Car project  (now Waymo)

2014              Summer Program Evaluation Research Assistant, Affiliated Community Research Development

2011-2012    Constituent Liaison, Office of Oakland City Councilmember Libby Schaaf  

2009-2011    Office Manager, Office of State Assemblymember Nancy Skinner  

Fall 2008       Campaign Staff, Kerry Hamill for Oakland City Council

Spring 2008  Campaign Staff, Nancy Skinner for State Assembly            


2017-2018   Graduate Mentor, Interdisciplinary Humanities Graduate Program

                      Graduate Mentor,  Grad EXCEL program, UC Merced Graduate Division

2016-2017   Graduate Student Advisory Board Member, Humanists@Work Initiative, through University of California                            Humanities Research Institute at UC Irvine

2014             Campus Unit Chair, Local UAW 2856 Graduate Student Union                              

2013-2014   World Cultures Graduate Group Representative, Graduate Student Association

2013             Graduate Student Representative, UC Merced Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women


2014-          Urban Affairs Association  

2014-          Society for Applied Anthropology                                                                                        

2014-          Southwest Regional Anthropology Association                                                   

2013-          American Anthropological Association                                                                

2013-          California Studies Association                                                                                                  

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